The Private

Formerly known as La Firme Le Concierge, the company offers you international private lifestyle management services. From our head office in Quebec City, we also offer event management services.

The company was founded in 2003 by Mr. Raymond Nadeau, executive concierge. The latter passes the torch to the new administration in 2020 after a transition period to pass on his know-how. The new buyers, Mr. Frédéric Doumalin and Ms. Janie Richard, owners of RDID, wish to continue the tradition of service that honors the concierges of this world while continuing to manage and organize various events around the world.

The private concierge

The word concierge seems to derive its origin from the Latin conservus or conservius (co-servant which can mean with service). Originally, the concierge was in charge of an important building as a royal officer, handling household services, security as well as the requests of the owners and their guests. Security will become the responsibility of the armed forces (gendarmes). Here we find the two uses of the word concierge: the most common designating the person in charge of the maintenance of a building but also the one related to the private concierge who responds to the requests of his customers.

Nowadays, the duties of a private concierge are at the same time butler, organizer, instigator and assistant. We refer mostly to it as lifestyle management. Like the master of the keys, he opens doors for you.

Events management

The concierge must be a manager and an organizer. In order to continue serving clients, it is natural to be an event manager as well. The needs of customers are not limited to their household, the concierge is also present for large-scale events.

From weddings to professional conferences, The Private is your partner of choice.